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The Distressed Debt Investors Club (DDIC) is a group of top analysts, portfolio managers and traders who share and discuss credit and fixed income investment ideas. The 250 members of the site are selected via a competitive application process where applicants are judged by the quality of their investment research and thought process. Unlike other investment forums, the DDIC will focus on the often ignored credit and fixed income markets. Ideas ranging from distressed debt credit to agency mortgages will be presented. In that, we expect the DDIC to be a potent idea and alpha generator for its members. The DDIC was founded by Hunter, the author of the Distressed Debt Investing blog. His commentary and writing has been seen in online versions of the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and Business Week. Hunter works currently as an investing professional at a large money manager, focused on high yield, investment grade, and distressed debt investing. Previously, he worked at two large hedge funds, where he focused on distressed debt and event-driven investing situations. He resides in New York with his wife.